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This is One of the Best Ways to Cure Crocodile Cuticles

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Living Better Fave Find This Week


All you other "picky" people out there - if you have any suggestions on how to break this bad habit please add to the Comment Section below. And if you think this post would be helpful to others - please post on social media.

I didn't realize my nail polish matched my wallet until later. My cuticles are much improved here. Wallet is by "Tusk" - I found it at Nordstrom rack.

My Dry Cuticle Dilemma 

A Life Long Picking Habit

I could do a cover of Crocodile Rock, by Elton John, as an ode to my constant battle with dry cuticles. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I struggle with a bad habit of picking at my cuticles. More about the psychology on this in later posts.

These days, I am mostly winning the battle but I have to be ever diligent. THE most helpful advice I can give to other sufferers of "pickiness" is to keep your cuticles moisturized. For me, it's the dryness and rough edges that lead to my bad habit. 

What Works for Me


I find an oil based product works best for keeping dehydrated nail beds lubricated. I keep a Burt's Bees tin in the console of my car, in my bedside table, on the side table in the TV room, in the drawer of my makeup vanity, in my purse, and in the drawer next to my toothpaste in my bathroom. That's a total of 6! Anytime I feel the urge to pick or, worse, find myself mindlessly scrapping at my nail beds I grab the tin and massage each nail.  


I also find that I'm less likely to pick if I spring for a good manicure. A talented nail technician can insure that cuticles are smooth with no rough edges to "grab" my attention. I'm also less likely to pick at something I paid money for vs. my DIY at home manicures. Fake nails, gel or powder dip manicures leave the nail surface thicker and render it almost impossible to  mindlessly rub my cuticles. However, these techniques are harder on nail health so use judiciously when weighing the benefits vs. self-injury of your cuticles.

A wonderful site that provides education, tips and products to promote nail and cuticle health - Ana Seidel's website for more incredible tips and education for troubled nails and cuticles. Her cuticle and nail care products are another resources for us "pickers".

Here are my Current Go-To's:

Revlon Essential Cuticle Oil

In certain situations, I prefer a cuticle oil product with a brush. For just-polished nails, it performs a double duty. One, it's a less mistake proof post-manicure moisturizer - you can lightly dab it on without causing smudges. Two, it's similar to nail drying drops with a lubricating twist. LIVING BETTER TIP: Use a cuticle oil after polishing to prevent the dryness that can occur after a selfie manicure. 

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

A manicurist recommended this one to me because of its oil base. I keep this in the console of my car, in a bowl next to my TV room chair, in my best side table and with my daily skin care products. If I'm tempted to pick my cuticles I grab this cream and rub it in. It really makes a difference.

What are your favorite cuticle moisturizers or treatments? Do you have any tips for other's who may, also, battle a cuticle picking habit? Please share in the Comment Section below.

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