Living Better by laura

SCIENCE & STYLE. Being healthy is being beautiful.  LIVING BETTER by laura is a wellness and lifestyle company dedicated to better health for anyone, but especially those of us who want to the second half of life to be the best half..

Welcome to living better by laura!

Welcome to living better by laura!

Since I'm a nurse my main platform is health. I believe that no matter the topic - career, hobbies, skin care, home, fashion, travel or food it all depends on health - in mind, body & soul.

Join me in a journey to live better, be healthier, express your unique character and enjoy greater contentment in your daily life. Keep re-inventing yourself. At LIVING BETTER by laura you'll find inspiration and education to do just that!

I hope you find something here that touches your heart and mind at LB by laura.

Now that you're ready to start LIVING BETTER lets get going!


Laura Daly, Founder + Creative Director.
The Living Better by laura Team

Hi, I'm Laura Daly. 
No, you're not mistaken. This is the team. Along with me is Callie, the Labrador Retriever, and Mala, the Shih Tzu. And, yes, that is the Living Better Team.

I'm the brains, so to speak, behind the endeavor. And Callie and Mala, my colleagues, supervise the entire operation! Since this photo was taken, Layla, a Cavapoo has been added to the team.

When I am not collaborating with my team, I am also an Advanced Practice R.N. in Medical-Surgical Nursing living in Louisiana.

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